How to care for Stephanotis

Image by 1lenor; Flickr

Stephanotis is a quick-growing woody vine with dark green leaves and white fragrant star-shaped flowers that bloom in the summer. The vine can grow up to 5 metres and it therefore requires a trellis to grown on. Stephanotis also goes by the names Madagascar Jasmine and Bridal Veil. It is a very popular flower for bridal bouquets. Learn to care for your Stephanotis plant to keep it healthy and blooming.

Keep your Stephanotis plant in a bright spot, but place it away from direct sunlight. Stephanotis plants are climbers, and they should be planted with a trellis whether outdoors or in a pot. Unless you live in the southern most part of the UK, you'll need to grow Stephanotis as a houseplant inside.

Fertilise monthly using an all-purpose soluble fertiliser at half-strength from February to September.

Cut 10 cm semi-ripe stems in the spring and summer to propagate. Sow the seed in the spring when the temperature is between 18C and 21C.

Keep your Stephanotis plant at a minimum temperature of 13C.

Give an outdoor Stephanotis about two buckets of water every two to three weeks, allowing the soil to dry between watering sessions.

Prune your Stephanotis in the spring to produce a compact, flowering plant. Also remove all dead or damaged wood at this time.

Water your plant once a week from March until September. Push your finger into the soil about 2 cm for indoor plants. If the soil feels dry, give it some soft, tepid water.

Do not over water and make sure the potting mix has good drainage.

Mist Stephanotis plants regularly with a spray bottle, as it comes from a tropical climate and enjoys humidity.

Protect your Stephanotis at night from cold and drafts if you keep it in your window. Keep the soil somewhat dry during the winter rest period, from October to February.

Give your Stephanotis a rest from October to February. This will help with the production of flowers the next flowering season, May through until September.

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