Ideas for decorating gift baskets

Updated April 17, 2017

Receiving gifts in a basket is like getting an extra gift. When you carefully decorate a basket to make the gift more unique, the gift expresses your care for the gift and for the recipient. Baskets come in any number of shapes, sizes and colours. With imagination and planning, you can use baskets to create very special gift baskets with ribbons, cut outs and more.

Ribbons, Bows and More

Decorate a basket with ribbons and bows. Use ribbon that either reflects the occasion, such as red and green for the Christmas holidays or red, white and blue for Independence Day, or colours favoured by the recipient of your gift. You can wrap ribbon around the basket and add a bow before filling it. You can twist two colours together around the edge of the basket and around the handle. You can add a row of small bows all around the basket at the top and bottom edges. For Easter, add eggs and bunnies along with the ribbons and bows.

Centrepiece Gift Baskets

Create a centrepiece using a basket. Glue hearts, flowers, holly or dried twigs to the outside of a basket to suit the theme of the occasion, holiday or season. Fill the basket with appropriate greenery around a wide candle in a colour that reflects the overall theme. For a centrepiece basket with a candle you plan to light, use a basket without a handle. You can glue small plastic figures or items around the edges of the basket such as hearts or angels. The centrepieces become gift baskets given away at the event.

Add Flowers

Decorate the outside of a basket that you plan to fill with special items for a gift. If the gifts include beauty products such as soaps, lotions, shampoo and perfume, find out the gift recipient's favourite flower. Purchase or make fabric flowers to decorate the outside of the basket for a unique basket container for your beauty gift items. If the basket will be filled with gardening items for the backyard gardener, make or purchase vine combinations to glue around the edges of the basket and entwine around the handle. For Valentine's Day, glue on red roses interspersed with hearts.

Birthday Basket

Decorate baskets for a birthday party. Download characters, animals or objects that reflect the theme of the birthday party on card stock and cut them out. Glue them around a basket that you buy or colour to reflect the birthday theme. Natural baskets can be spray painted. Fill with party favours for the guests to use or take home. For example, if you plan a cowboy party for your child, decorate the outside of a basket with galloping cowboys and sharpshooting cowgirls. Fill the basket with water pistols to use for a water pistol fight at the "OK Corral." At the end of the party, the kids can take home the water pistols as a party favour and the basket serves as another birthday gift for your child in which to hold his plastic figures or other small items.

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