Baptism Gifts From Grandparents

Updated April 17, 2017

A baby's baptism is a special occasion for family and close friends to celebrate the child's life being devoted to the Church. A celebration usually follows this religious ceremony, where gifts are given to the child. The grandparents' gift should be sentimental and one that the child will appreciate for many years.


Presenting a Bible as a baptism gift is a traditional gift from a grandparent. Giving a Bible invests in the child's religious and spiritual future. You can choose an elegant Bible with a leather and embossed cover, or a children's Bible with stories. Some of the children's Bibles have mazes and other activity pages to complete.

Savings Bond

A savings bond is a unique baptism gift. Bestowing this gift invests in the child's future. Present the bond in a special card to display in the baby's keepsake book with other memoirs. Once the savings bond matures, the child can use it toward school or other important purchases.

Cross Necklace

A baptism is the perfect time for grandparents to begin investing in jewellery for the grandchild. A cross necklace represents religion and sacrifice. It marks the child's "entrance into Christianity." Although the baby may not be able to wear the necklace now, when he is older it will be a treasured present that either a male or female can adorn.

Engraved Photo Frame

A silver engraved photo frame with the baby's name and baptism date commemorates the occasion. A photo of the grandchild in his baptism gown adds a personal touch to the frame. This is a keepsake that will help the family remember the special day. Place the photo frame in a prominent place in the home, like the fireplace mantle or baby's nursery.

Guardian Angel Figurine

A guardian angel figurine is symbolic and can be placed in a child's bedroom. This gift will provide a Christian symbol of the child's special day. When he becomes older, his parents can tell him the story of his baptism and what the guardian angel represents. The child may decide to make this figurine one of many collectibles that have similar meanings.

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