Joan Jett Costume Ideas

Written by lori a. selke | 13/05/2017
Joan Jett Costume Ideas
Joan Jett epitomises rocker-girl cool. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Joan Jett is a music and pop-culture icon, best-known for hard-rocking songs such as "Bad Reputation," "I Love Rock and Roll" and "Do You Wanna Touch Me." Jett's look is quintessentially tough biker babe, and she has stayed true to it for decades. If you want to emulate her style for Halloween or another costume occasion, you don't need much more than a set of leather trousers and some attention to detail.

Leather Pants

Joan Jett wears tight leather trousers wherever she goes, so if you want to portray Joan Jett for a day, you should find and don a pair, too. As an alternative, vinyl or pleather trousers have a similar look and are less expensive.

On Top

A leather vest on top is the perfect match for those tight leather trousers, but you have other options. A close-fitting black T-shirt with the words "Bad Reputation" or the logo of one of her bands, the Runaways or the Blackhearts, would also suit, and a plain black T-shirt will do in a pinch. A black leather biker's jacket, however, is a must-have for a rocker-chic look.


Joan Jett loves red Converse high-top sneakers and wore them often enough for them to become a signature of her look. You can also try black sneakers or high-heeled black leather ankle boots if you can't find the high-top shoes.

The Wig

Replicate Joan Jett's signature raven-black pageboy hairstyle with a wig -- in fact, several costume stores sell Joan Jett wigs. Make it a little shaggy by teasing sections with a comb and spraying it with hairspray before wearing it.


Joan Jett is a guitar goddess, so strapping on a replica six-string is the perfect accessory. A pyramid studded belt and wristband will also add to your costume's effect. For jewellery, forget anything dainty -- throw on a leather dog collar or a studded choker. Even better, don a choke chain -- perhaps with a little black heart-shaped padlock as a pendant.


There's only one required make-up touch for a Joan Jett costume, and that's heavy black eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids. Use a kohl pencil if you're not familiar with using liquid eyeliner.

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