Ideas for homemade gifts for 50th wedding anniversaries

Updated April 08, 2017

The 50th wedding anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary, is a hallmark achievement in any marriage. Gold is the traditional gift for the 50th anniversary as it represents strength, wealth, beauty and a resistance to corrosion and destruction. Homemade gifts do not have to include actual gold, but instead can focus on the colour gold to honour the occasion.

Homemade Chocolates

Edible gold leaf can be added to any sweet confection to create a gift worthy of a 50th anniversary. A box of 50 chocolates is a traditional gift for the occasion; adding edible gold leaf or golden dust to homemade truffles ties in both the "golden" and "50" elements. The variety of homemade sweets given depends on your skill and confidence level in the kitchen. Simple rolled chocolate truffles are the easiest chocolate candies to make while chocolate cupcakes or brownies decorated with edible gold are other options for homemade sweets.

Gold Quilts

Quilts are very personal gifts as they take quite a while to make. A quilt made from golden fabric is an appropriate gift if you are a close friend or relative of the couple. The quilt can be of any size and pattern within your skill level and should include one panel with either a printed or embroidered message stating the names of the couple, their wedding date and the date of the 50th anniversary.

D├ęcoupage and Mosaics

For crafty individuals, decoupaging items with gold or yellow paper results in a personalised and fun gift for a 50th anniversary. Mirrors and picture frames, vases, candle holders and even small keepsake boxes can all be covered with gold-tinted or patterned paper to create professional-looking items. Picture frames, plaques and mirrors can also be covered with mosaic stones or tile pieces. Spray paint the stones or broken tile pieces with gold lustre paint before using them in a mosaic.

Spray-Painted Roses

Gold spray paint can be used to make almost anything appropriate for a fiftieth anniversary. To spray-paint roses, you must hold the paint can far enough away from the petals that you do not break or crush them. Spray the blooms multiple times on their sides and tops for a full opaque gold shine or only once for a gold glitter effect. Wrap the bouquet in a gold ribbon.

Scrapbook or Memory Album

Scrapbooks and memory albums are classic gifts given for any special occasion, including a 50th anniversary. Purchase a gold-coloured album or scrapbook or spray paint an old album with gold paint. Fill the books with photographs, newspaper clippings, small writings, poetry and anything else that symbolises the 50 years of marriage between the couple. Only attempt this project if you are a very close relative, such as a child or grandchild of the couple, as it will be difficult and possibly intrusive to try and obtain old family photos, letters and objects without expalining your purpose to the couple.

Home-grown Flowers

If you are pressed for time, look to your garden for a home-grown gift. The traditional flower for the 50th wedding anniversary is the violet; however, golden or yellow flowers, particularly roses, are also acceptable. Bundle together a bouquet of violets and yellow roses and tie it with a decorative gold ribbon.

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