List of wedding anniversary gifts by year

Updated July 20, 2017

A wedding anniversary is a special celebration couples share every year. Typically the occasion is commemorated by a dinner out, a weekend away or a party to mark the event along with some sort of gift. Most people know the traditional gifts for 10th, 25th or 50th anniversaries but are unfamiliar with the list of gifts for other years. Consult the list of themes for guidelines when purchasing that special anniversary gift.

First Anniversary Gifts

Paper gifts are the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary. Gift tokens, artwork, a framed copy of your vows or a book are good choices. Modern choices include plastic items such as household containers, a yoga mat or DVDs.

Second Anniversary Gifts

Cotton and calico are the traditional picks for a second wedding anniversary gift. Sheet sets, monogrammed towels, lingerie and cushions are good options. Clothing items or a photo blanket make a unique gift for this second anniversary.

Third Anniversary Gifts

Purchase leather, glass and crystal items for a third anniversary. Leather furniture, belts, a jacket, footwear or a leather-bound journal are a few ideas. Engraved crystal, personalised glassware or figurines are more elegant modern choices.

Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Fruit and flowers are traditional gifts for a fourth wedding anniversary. Linen, nylon and silk are the modern options. Gourmet fruit baskets or wine boxes, flower bouquets or flower-shaped jewellery make good traditional choices while quilts, silk linens or camping equipment make good modern gifts.

Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Gifts made of wood are the traditional and modern gift choice for a fifth wedding anniversary. Carvings, elegant picture frames, jewellery boxes, wooden wind chimes and wooden patio furniture make good gifts. For a unique approach, save an acre of rainforest in both your names or plant a tree together.

Sixth Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for a sixth anniversary is candy or gifts made of iron. Chocolate and candy bouquets, chocolate or candy-coated fruit, and homemade sweets are some good options. Iron sculptures or figurines and wrought-iron candle holders or furniture are also good choices to celebrate this sixth year of marriage.

Seventh Anniversary Gifts

For the seventh wedding anniversary choose items made of copper or wool. Wall hangings, decorative pieces of artwork, bakeware and vases made of copper make good gifts. Wool tapestries, blankets, rugs or clothing are good alternatives. Brass items are a modern option for the seventh anniversary.

Eighth Anniversary Gifts

Bronze items and pottery are the traditional gifts given for the eighth anniversary. Sculptures, figurines and bronze housewares make good gift options. You can purchase or create unique pieces of pottery in artisan galleries to celebrate the eighth year of marriage. Appliances are also appropriate gifts for year eight.

Ninth Anniversary Gifts

Gifts made of willow and pottery items are traditional gifts for a ninth wedding anniversary. Willow benches, a woven picnic basket or an artistic picture frame make beautiful ninth anniversary gifts. Pottery platters, personalised wall hangings, pendants and mugs are also good options.

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