Things to Do on My Girlfriend's Birthday

How you spend time with your girlfriend on her birthday will be determined by your girlfriend's personality and her passions. Surprising her, regardless of the circumstances, will show her that you were thinking about her and really trying to go out of your way to do something special for her. Some things can be done on a budget, like giving gifts of your time or actually spending money on things she enjoys.

Organise an Outing

Organise an outing for the day so your girlfriend doesn't have to do anything. This can include picking her up, taking her out for breakfast or making something special yourself, heading out to a shopping strip or clothing store she's always wanted to shop in but hasn't yet, stopping for lunch and then heading to the movies. You could also include sports games, day hikes or other activities that you can share with her.

Surprise Her with a Spa Day

A spa day will always be welcome. Women worry about their appearance and if your girlfriend is a busy woman with work, school, parenting or any mixture of the three, she may not always take the time she deserves to pamper herself. Day spa activities can include pedicures, manicures, facials, massages or spending time in hot tubs. Each spa you contact will offer different amenities and different price packages. After her time at the spa, you can treat her to a special dinner in a restaurant she's been wanting to check out but hasn't had time for.

Reading Appreciation Letters

Women do not always give themselves credit for many of the wonderful accomplishments they've made. Take the time before your girlfriend's birthday and write down every good thing about your girlfriend you can think of. Compose a letter that outlines every single one of these things including how she has made an impact in your life. Then take the time after a dinner or some other relaxing activity to read it to her either privately or in front of friends.

Unexpected Events

Give your girlfriend a coupon or tickets to an unexpected or special event that she may not have gone to on her own. This will vary depending upon your girlfriend's personality, but can include a day of hot air ballooning or concert tickets. Take advantage of any expos or shows that might be happening in your surrounding area that you can take her to that match her interests, such as a fashion expo or RV show. You could even present her with a gift bag full of everything you might need for the event such as water bottles, disposable cameras, hair ties and more to help build the excitement.

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