Places to Have Your 13th Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Your child's 13th birthday party doesn't have to be at home; you can find fun places elsewhere to celebrate your child's birthday. Think about your teen's personality and interests when thinking about a venue to hold the party, and check to ensure the venue is age appropriate for all party guests. A few weeks before your teen's birthday party, ask what type of party she wants, then research venues that would best fit this theme.

Bowling Alley

If your child enjoys bowling with friends, have the party at a local bowling alley. A bowling party will appeal to people of all ages and provide a venue where the party attendants can be physically active and meet new friends while building their social skills. Besides the birthday cake, you can also bring delicious portable snacks: hamburgers, sandwiches, fried vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini with cheese sauce, along with soft drinks or bottled flavoured waters. Also have some bowling games guests can play for small prizes.


If your 13-year-old likes to attend movie theatres, have a movie party. Some movie theatres may have a special room just for occasions such as birthday parties. Call different theatres in your area and ask whether they offer this option to private groups. If so, ask about the price per hour. Tour the theatres to find out whether the special rooms have enough seating capacity for the number of guests who will attend the party.

Skating Rink

If your teen enjoys skating, have the party at a local ice- or roller-skating rink. Contact the rink, ask about the price and mention how many people will attend the party. Save time and money on snacks by getting some of your relatives and friends to contribute some of the meals while you purchase the cake and some fun decorations for the party. Have some fun games guests can play during the party.

Community Recreation Center

If it's summer and you're looking for a place that will keep the guests engaged in various activities, have the party at a recreation centre. For example, if the centre has an area just for swimming, turn the event into an afternoon pool party and have guests bring age-appropriate swimwear.

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