Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above

Written by david halbe
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Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Most important is getting a job that is enjoyable. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

When looking for summer work as a teenager, or on behalf of a teenager, you must consider several factors. The personality, interests, and capacity of the child, as well as his age and legal ability to work are all important. If summer work is approached thoughtfully, then children's first working experiences can be meaningful and enjoyable. Teens can get many kinds of jobs during the summer, so finding the most fitting one is more important than just finding one.


Lifeguarding is a great seasonal job because most local pools are only open during the summer season, so demand is high. Lifeguards also work at resorts, water parks, camps, beaches, and hotels. You must meet requirements, including CPR certification and lifeguarding course work. These requirements must be maintained according to local laws. But, with the appropriate credentials, the jobs are easy to find and the worker can generally count on a consistent job every summer.

Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Lifeguarding requires training in CPR and lifeguard techniques. (John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Golf Caddy

Being a caddie is a job suitable for youngsters if they don't mind carrying a heavy golf bag for three or four hours. A caddie needs to know a bit about the game, too. His job, beyond carrying the bag, is to get clubs and clean balls, run to the drink cart for the golfer, find lost balls, hold the flag, and make recommendations about the course and how to play it. A good caddie pays attention to detail and is friendly. The pay is high if the course is known for generous tippers and tournaments bring in plenty of extra cash.

Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counsellor is a good job for teens, although age requirements and certifications may be necessary. However, for teens with skills (such as archery, chess, crafts, games, and sports) this is a particularly suitable job. Camps require skilled help to facilitate activities. You should research camps carefully because some require workers to remain on-site overnight, while others are day jobs. Some camps offer counsellor-in-training programs for those too young to have full responsibilities, which may or may not be paid.

Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Help kids enjoy their summer camp experience: be a camp counsellor. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Newspaper Delivery

Delivering newspapers is a suitable job for kids. The age requirements for paper couriers tend to be lower than other jobs so this is often a first job for students in the summer. Many newspapers require morning delivery, however, which can conflict with school. Besides wages, delivery persons may earn tips during the weekly collection of payments.

Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Delivering papers is a job for young teens. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Yard Work

Doing yard work for a local business is a good way to make money. Mowing lawns will bring in, on average, about £16 for a yard. If the yard has hills or needs edging and weed-whacking, then the fees may be even more. Also, kids can charge hourly fees for trimming hedges, weeding, and doing other yard work for homeowners.

Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Work around the neighbourhood and learn landscaping skills. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Fast Food

According to local regulations, some fast food chains will hire workers as young as 14. Because working papers are required, the hours are limited according to the laws where the restaurant is located. The hourly rates are often set at national minimum wage, at £4.70 since May 2007, however, 14 states have minimum wages that are higher, and four states have ones that are lower than the federal rate.

Busboy or Busgirl

Being a busboy or busgirl involves clearing away tables at restaurants. The job includes the responsibility of resetting tables, cleaning up the service areas, bringing dirty dishes to the kitchen, running food, serving water, and sometimes filling in for the waiter or waitress. You sometimes interact with the customer, so a pleasant personality is required for this job. The job pays either minimum wage or wait-staff wages plus tips.

Summer jobs for teenagers that are 13 & above
Working in the food industry is a great job. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Other Jobs

Grocery bagger is a good job for a teen who has working papers. The pay is normally minimum wage, but the hours are often part-time. The job entails placing groceries into bags. The bagger may have to load groceries into cars. The local cinema may need teens to sell tickets, act as ushers, or be snack vendors. The job most often requires working at night, especially on weekends. For this reason, it is not the most sought after gig available. Libraries may need workers (or volunteers) to restock their shelves, arrange displays, and supervise kid's activities.

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