60th birthday ideas for mums

Updated June 27, 2017

The key to a memorable 60th birthday for your mother is to celebrate her accomplishments, share her memories and cement her place as the heart of the family. Don't forget that she is also a vibrant woman who still has a lot of living to do. If she has unfulfilled dreams, help her realise as many as possible, and you'll give her something more precious than any store-bought gift can achieve.

Retro Goodies

As people get older, they fondly remember the music, food and culture of their youth. You can plan a "Second Childhood" party for your mother, complete with her favourite tunes. Mail order services such as the Vermont Country Store still offer old-fashioned candy and products, so everyone in attendance can bring a treat that will bring back those carefree memories. To go all the way, ask attendees to come in period costumes.

Family Memories

A 60th birthday is a wonderful time to celebrate the lives a woman has given to the world. Ask each family member to bring a photo and a story about the guest of honour, and post the memories in a birthday photo album for her to keep. The album can be a well-rounded tribute of love from siblings, children and grandchildren. Invite the smallest attendees to make their own cards or artworks as gifts.

Remembering the Journey

The stories and experiences of an older generation may fade from memory with time. Keep those memories for future generations by purchasing an easy-to-use video camera, and ask Mum to share those stories and lessons from her own life. Get the ball rolling by allowing each family member to ask her one question during the party and tape the answers. A perfect companion gift is a leather-bound journal and pen set, so she can jot down thoughts whenever the mood strikes.

New Adventures

While a 60th birthday is a great time to reflect, don't forget that Mum may still have new adventures waiting. Many people create "bucket lists" of adventures they want to experience in life. If your mother already has a list, the family can chip in on presents to make her dreams happen, from a free bungee-jumping lesson to airline tickets for a long-desired vacation. If she doesn't have a list yet, sit down at the party and help her compile a to-do list of things she still wants to see or accomplish.

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