Easter Hats for Children

Written by deandra busch | 13/05/2017
Easter Hats for Children
Create an Easter hat your kids will treasure. (craft a card! image by Shirley Hirst from Fotolia.com)

Kids enjoy making arts and crafts projects, including creations they can wear around the house. Easter hats encourage discussion about the holiday, allow a child's creativity to develop and create memories that will last forever. Creating an Easter hat doesn't take very long, and it will become your child's prized possession when complete.

Easter Bonnet

Every child should have an Easter bonnet to wear when the Easter bunny arrives. Create the bonnet using a paper plate and your child's imagination. Provide markers, crayons, glitter, ribbon stamps and stickers for your child to decorate the hat. While she is decorating the hat, discuss what she is creating or what the meaning of Easter is to her. When she completes the hat, punch two holes on opposite sides and tie with ribbon.

Easter bunny Hat

Wrap a 3-inch strip of card stock around your child's head and tape in place. Remove it from his head to create the rabbit. You can use grey, yellow or white colours to create your child's rabbit face. Draw a large circle on construction paper and glue it on the headband. Use the same coloured paper to create two long ears. You can glue these on top of the bunny's head. Draw or trace two medium circles (about the size of a coffee cup) on a pink construction paper. Glue both circles at the bottom of the circle to create rabbit cheeks. Cut two teeth out of white paper and attach under the pink circles of the hat. Colour on eyes with black marker.

Chick Visor Hat

You can purchase a yellow visor at many craft stores in your area. The child wears the visor upside down for this craft, with the visor pointing toward the ceiling. Cut out a triangle "beak" using orange foam or card stock and glue it in place near the bottom of the hat. Apply two large googly eyes above the beak. You can personalise the hat by adding feathers, bows or a top hat to your creation.

Easter Crown

Create an Easter crown for your child using a paper plate and some construction paper. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut a slit in the centre of the hat, stopping about 1 inch from the edge. Repeat this step twice, turning the plate each time; you should have a star formation when you finish. Bend each of these triangles so they point toward the ceiling. Paint the entire plate green (if creating a flower crown) or any other colour your child wants (for the egg or Easter bunny crown). When the paint is dry, decorate the hat with construction flowers, eggs, chickens or bunnies. You can also decorate the crown with glitter or stickers.

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