Anniversary Gifts for the Years of Marriage

Updated November 21, 2016

Find out what traditional and modern gifts are given on the wedding anniversary of couples during the first five years of marriage. The type of gift depends on the number of years the couple has been married. Be creative when using these traditional gift ideas to inspire your anniversary gift for your husband or wife.

First Wedding Anniversary

It is traditional to give gifts, which are made from paper on the first wedding anniversary. This could cover a range of gifts including a book, a voucher for a spa treatment or tickets for the theatre, a sports game or even a vacation. A typical modern gift, which is given on the first anniversary, is a clock.

Second Wedding Anniversary

Cotton is the gift which is traditionally given on a second wedding anniversary. Suitable gifts could include a new dress or shirt, personalised T-shirt, dressing gown, sexy underwear or briefs, bed sheets or a homemade quilt that incorporates photographs of the two of you together. China is a typical modern gift to be given on this occasion.

Third Wedding Anniversary

The traditional gift to be given on the third wedding anniversary is leather. Gifts that could be inspired by this concept include a leather jacket, belt, purse or wallet, a briefcase or handbag, a diary or photo album with a leather cover or a new sofa. Two typical modern gifts for a third wedding anniversary are crystal and glass.

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Fruit and flowers are the gifts, which are traditionally exchanged on the fourth wedding anniversary. Although a bouquet of flowers or a fruit basket would match the criteria for this gift there are a number of more creative ideas for anniversary gifts, such as a fruit tree for the garden, a bonsai, a smoothie maker, a bottle of wine or even vouchers for an afternoon of wine tasting. For a gift that is even more extravagant, why not book a wine tasting tour of France or Italy. Appliances are modern gifts that are typically given for a fourth wedding anniversary.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

It is traditional to give gifts made of wood for a fifth wedding anniversary. Suitable gifts for this anniversary could include a garden bench or bird table, a wooden chest or another item of furniture. Why not decide as a couple and choose something together, such as a new bed or table set. Wooden gifts can also be homemade. Silverware is a modern alternative gift that is given on the fifth wedding anniversary.

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