Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children

Written by rebecca zadell | 13/05/2017
Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children
Some companies will wrap delivery presents for a small fee. (present image by Albert Lozano from

Whether due to a forgotten birthday or a simple lack of time, it is likely that at some point you will need to purchase and deliver a child's gift within a matter of hours. With some research it will be possible to find an appropriate gift, whether you send that gift electronically or through a delivery service.

Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children
Mylar balloons last longer than latex balloons. (Happy Birthday Balloon image by Dawn from

Consider a combination gift where a company delivers a teddy bear or candy attached to bright, shiny balloons. Toddlers love balloons, and a bear to treasure may become a favourite keepsake for an infant. Another good choice would be an electronic gift token to a favourite activity or a popular kid-oriented restaurant. Options could include an arcade with a ball pit, a fast-food franchise with a play area or funds to buy a book after story time at the bookstore.

Gifts for Preschoolers

Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children
Preschoolers love to feed baby animals at petting zoos. (zoo image by danimages from

Search for gift baskets with colouring books and crayons, modelling clay or other creative activities. At this age, children soak up information, so consider gift baskets that include books or workbooks. Some gift baskets have sports themes, which active children would enjoy. Other options could include gift tokens to a toy store, a bookstore, a child-friendly gym or a movie. Zoo memberships allow preschoolers to burn excess energy while enjoying learning.

Gifts for School Age Children

Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children
Some areas have local pirate ships or castles for which you can purchase tickets. (pirate ship image by Photography Freak from

Check for courses at a local community centre. A child who likes to entertain might appreciate a gift token for a theatre camp, while a history fan might enjoy activities at a museum. You might be able to find a course for a budding magician or a membership in a sports program. At this age, children are rapidly becoming proficient with computers, so consider a membership at a favourite website or tokens for an online game.

Gifts for Teenagers

Same Day Delivery Birthday Gifts for Children
Always check with parents before purchasing Internet subscriptions. (Boy whit computer. image by maron from

Consider a certificate for a favourite store or activity. Teenagers are frequently committed to special causes, and might appreciate a donation to a related charity or organisation. Other options would include combination gifts of flowers and chocolates, subscriptions to online music programs or video game magazines, and memberships for an appropriate club. Teens usually appreciate tickets for concerts or movies. For the budding journalist or computer scientist, purchase a domain name so he can develop his own website.

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