Notes to put on wedding cards when signing

Updated March 23, 2017

Many wedding guests have a hard time finding the right words to include on the wedding card for the newlyweds. Wedding cards are personal and offer an opportunity for guests to include a heartfelt message, a note of wisdom or an inspirational poem. Whether a guest purchases or makes a wedding card, a note included in it makes it very personable and sentimental.

Personal Heartfelt Note

A short personal note included on a wedding card goes a long way. A note saying that you wish the couple well or that you are happy for them is an easy way of making a wedding card more personal. Something short like "We are extremely happy for you and wish you many happy years to come" is an appropriate heartfelt note. It is a statement that is cherished over the years and can include a personal memory of the couple or a tip for a happy, long marriage.

Humorous Sayings

If you know the couple well and they have a good sense of humour, a humorous note is often appreciated. It can be a joke or simply a statement that contains humour. It will make the couple laugh as they read the card and statement. A good example of this is "Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering!"


Poems are a great way of incorporating a memorable note into a wedding card. This can be written on a purchased or handmade card. The Internet contains numerous sites that have poems relating to weddings, love and marriage. PoemSource is an online site (see Resources) that contains many appropriate wedding poems. Poems come in different lengths -- some are one sentence, while others are very long. If it is a really long poem, it can be typed on decorative paper, folded and inserted within the card.


Quotes are also commonly included as notes in a wedding card. Some are by famous authors, some quotes are humorous and some are sentimental. The quote you choose depends on the relationship you have with the couple. "When you make a sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship," by Joseph Campbell is an example of a quotation that can be included on a wedding card.


If there is a certain tip or piece of advice that you feel has helped your marriage, include it as a note in the card. It can also be a piece of advice that warns the couple against something or a suggestion of an activity that helps marriage work. "Never go to bed angry" is a piece of advice often given to newly married couples.

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