Scooter Tricks for Kids

Updated March 18, 2017

Some children enjoy riding their scooters without doing anything fancy. However, other children, especially boys, may wish to learn how to do tricks with their scooters. These children may see some of the professional skateboarders on television and wish to emulate them. Some scooter tricks are easy for children to learn and are relatively safe for parents' piece of mind.

Bail Out

A bail out is one of the first tricks a child should learn, though it is a hard one to practice. This trick allows a child to prevent getting hurt while performing another trick in the event that the trick goes wrong. Instead of staying on the scooter during a failed trick, the child should let go of the handlebar with one hand and move the same foot off of the board. This allows the child to land with one foot on the ground with a free hand for balance if necessary. The hand still gripping the scooter can also help to keep the board from hitting the child.

Bunny Hop

Once a child has mastered the balance required to ride a scooter well and the bail out, he can begin trying some basic scooter tricks. A bunny hop is a simple hop with the board leaving the ground. The rider should work up to a moderate speed. If the speed is too slow, it will be more difficult to pull the board up. A speed that is too fast runs the risk of falling. Once a moderate speed is achieved, the rider should bend his knees and pull up on the handle bars of the scooter to pull it off the ground. The rider should work to land the scooter perfectly straight to avoid falling. If the scooter begins to slide sideways, the bail out should be used.


Begin this trick while the scooter is not moving so that you can perfect the technique before performing it in motion. Stand with one foot at the very back of the scooter and the other forward toward the handlebars, facing forward. Put your back weight on the ball and toes of your back foot. Bring your back heel down and jump up and pull up on the handle bars. Bend your legs slightly while in the air and keep your arms relaxed. You can end this trick in a wheelie by keeping the front of the scooter off the ground as long as possible.


Kids love to do wheelies with anything that they can. A scooter gives kids an excellent opportunity to try out their wheelie skills. To do a wheelie on a scooter, she must first gain some speed on the scooter. One foot should be near the back of the board with the other near the front. Once the desired speed is obtained, she should lift her weight off of the front foot and press down on the back foot, pulling up on the handle bars at the same time. This will pull the front wheel off the ground, performing a wheelie.

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