Homemade Gift Ideas for a Parent's Anniversary

Updated April 17, 2017

A parent's anniversary is an event to be celebrated. While your parents may receive gifts from other family and friends, a homemade gift, created especially for them from their children, often means more than all the other gifts regardless of the cost of those gifts. Homemade gifts speak from the heart of the giver and offer a special anniversary memory for your parents.

Milk Jug Vase

Create a vase from a large milk jug. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry the jug. Lay the milk jug on one side for the bottom and cut away the opposite side, which becomes the top. Glue washers or cardboard disks to the bottom of the milk jug to keep it from tipping to one side or the other. Decorate the outside of the container with ribbon and paper hearts you colour and cut out. Decorate it with glitter, cut-outs and markers. On one side add in large text, "Happy Anniversary!" You might wish to add the anniversary number such as "Happy Twelfth Anniversary!" If available, fill it with fresh flowers and greenery from the garden. You can also create your own flower arrangement by creating, colouring and cutting out flowers from construction paper. Add craft sticks or dowel rods to the back for stems to fit the flowers into your milk jug flower vase.

Heart Ornament

Younger children can create special anniversary heart ornaments for their parents. Provide two sheets of white cardstock. Help children draw or trace hearts that use the whole page. Let them use their creativity and imagination to decorate their hearts with crayons, markers, ribbon and glitter. Cut out the hearts. From the centre of one heart, cut a slit to the bottom of the heart. On the other heart, cut a slit from the centre to the top of the heart. Take the two hearts and, using the slits, fit them together. Secure the hearts together with a thin line of glue. On an arched strip of cardstock 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, write "Happy (add number such as seventh) Anniversary from ...." Glue the two lower edges of the arch strip to the top of one of the hearts. Punch a hole in the top of the anniversary greeting and tie a piece of yarn so you can hang up the heart anniversary ornament.

Textured Card

Make a unique card for your parents' wedding anniversary. Take a piece of construction paper. Fold it in half and fold the result in half again to create your card. Add anniversary greetings to the front and on the inside right. If you are an older child, on the inside left, share how much you appreciate the example of love they've set or a special memory. Decorate the cover with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, yarn, ribbon and different textured papers. Cut out hearts. Create flowers. Layer, colour and glue until you have a cover you like. Add colour to the inside as well with drawings or illustrations.

Anniversary Collage

Collect photos of the years of your parents' marriage from friends and family. Make copies and be sure to identify the photos with when and where they were taken, who else was in the picture and the reason for the occasion. On poster board, arrange the photos with text identifiers under the heading, "A Celebration of (the number such as fifteen) Years of Marriage." Present it as a special memory of your parents' wedding anniversary.

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