Wedding Ideas With Light Pink, Lilac, Purple & Ivory

Written by juniper russo | 13/05/2017
Wedding Ideas With Light Pink, Lilac, Purple & Ivory
Lilac, pink, purple and ivory are beautiful, popular wedding colours. (hand holding flower bouquet pink ivory rose image by Paul Retherford from

Shades of pink, ivory and violet are extremely popular in weddings. According to "The Knot," a wedding information website, ivory is a more flattering wedding dress colour than white for the majority of women. And, despite murmurs to the contrary, an ivory wedding does not signify sexual experience or moral impurity. If you choose to base your wedding's themes on a combination of pale pink, lilac, ivory and purple, several themes can make the most of this colour combination.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding can look stunningly beautiful with an appropriate colour scheme. The violet tones of lilac and purple look beautiful against ivory-coloured shores, which themselves can complement a mother-of-pearl wedding dress. Pale shades of pink, particularly those mimicking oyster shells or conch shells, can give beach weddings the floral edge needed to make the beach wedding appear more conventionally feminine. Choose a bridal bouquet with all four tones, adorned with seashells as accents.

Candlelight Wedding

Ivory weddings are especially beautiful if they have an underlying candlelight theme. These weddings include lit candles of multiple colours as the primary accents for the event. Choose ivory, lilac, purple and light pink candles in varying sizes to provide balance and beauty to the occasion. Select a bridal bouquet with callas, peace lilies and/or plumed cockscombs. These flowers have flame-shaped blooms that enhance the visual effect of a candlelight wedding.

Floral Wedding

A floral theme is perfect for a spring wedding, and shades of pink, purple and ivory are perfect for creating the delicate, feminine tone that is characteristic of this motif. Use spring-green accessories as accents, while making pale pink and lilac the primary tones in the decor and clothing. The wedding can focus on either a single species of flower, such as calla or rose, or a combination of spring-blooming plants. Select both a bridal gown and maids' dresses with floral accents.

French Country Wedding

Lace, lattice and rustic flowers define a classic French country wedding. Choose curly-leaf flowers in pale pink, violet and ivory, along with a small but ornate cake, to give this wedding theme the nostalgic, cosy flair characteristic of the French countryside. Parisian symbols, such as the Eiffel tower, fleur-de-lis or rose window, may look beautiful as decorative accents. This theme is perfect for anyone of French or Creole descent, or anyone expecting a honeymoon to the Riviera.

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