Gifts for the home-bound elderly

Updated November 21, 2016

It can be difficult to come up with an appropriate gift for an elderly person who is homebound. However, having to stay home for health reasons can be a lonely existence, so choose a gift that will help entertain the elderly person. Another idea is to select a present that will make the shut-in's life a little bit easier.

Books or Magazines

Give the elderly person a selection of books or magazines to help keep him entertained. Choose a book by his favourite author or a magazine that complements something he enjoys, such as fishing or cooking. If his eyesight is limited, choose books or magazines that have large print so that he can see them more easily. When sight loss is severely advanced, choose books on tape.

Personal Items

Purchase personal items for elderly homebound people. When they cannot get out and go to the store, they might not be able to have the kinds of luxuries they had in the past. So select things like moisturising hand cream, bath salts or cologne. Other ideas are cashmere blankets or soft pyjamas.

Home Accessibility

When the elderly homebound person has a hard time getting around, she might need some help in her house. If she has stairs, install a feature that allows her to ride down the stairs in a motorised chair that attaches to the wall. She might need railings installed that she can hold on to in the shower, the hallway or other areas of her home. Install them yourself or pay a professional to make her home more friendly.


For some elderly homebound people, spending time with you might be the best gift they could receive. Go over to their house one evening and cook dinner for them. Stay, eat with them and fill them in on what has been going on in your life. You could also go to thei house and help them do things like clean, do yard work or do simple jobs around the house.

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