Adult Crafts With Drinking Straws

Updated November 21, 2016

Create many crafts using plastic drinking straws as a medium. Drinking straw crafts possess various ranges of difficulty. Most crafts require that the straws be cut into varying lengths and shapes. Often other materials, such as string or glue, must be used to keep the straws together; other mediums may be combined with plastic straws to create a project.

Combining Straws with other Materials

Construct many simple crafts using straws as part of a project that also employs other materials. For example, straws may be used to make stems for flowers made out of paper, cloth or foil. Or, pieces of drinking straws may be threaded onto strings, along with beads, bells, or other materials to make a doorway curtain. Craft projects are only limited by the imagination of the artist and the range of materials available.

Drinking Straw Flower Crafts

In Malaysia and Singapore, some people use drinking straws to create flowers and arrange them in bouquets for decoration. The straws are cut into various shapes to make individual flower petals or leaves, then threaded onto a string, glued together, or have holes punched into them and secured with a small dowel. Straws may also be cut into whole flower shapes or twisted to look like roses. Malaysians and Singaporeans use a special tool that looks like a small metal comb to scratch small lines (veins) into the straw pieces.

Drinking Straw Collages

Glue different colours of drinking straws onto a wall, board or other flat background to create a two-dimensional picture. The subject matter could be anything: an abstract design, cartoon character, landscape or still-life. Based on the subject matter and the goals of the artist, varying ranges of difficulty may be needed for such a project. You may create a simple collage or a large mural of detailed art.

Drinking Straws-only Crafts

Make straw crafts without using any materials but drinking straws. Cut straws creatively and fold, twist and curl different portions to make animals, insects, flowers, or abstract designs. Bendy straws can be especially useful with this craft, as the bendy portion can be bent or stretched out into a unique shape that cannot be achieved with a straight straw. Slide one straw into another to create longer sections and slip small strips of straws into slits and joints to create legs, antennae or other decorative touches.

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