Healthy Food Interactive Games

Updated November 21, 2016

Eating healthy is an important way to stay fit and trim. Interactive games are a productive way to stimulate mental connections between food knowledge and healthy eating. Healthy food interactive games are a wonderful way to teach children about nutrition and portion sizes. These games often explain what foods are healthy and why -- in a entertaining and exciting way. Introducing these games at school or at home can stimulate a child's thinking and put them on the path to healthy eating.

Chef Solus

Play the Nourish Interactive games online at the official website. These games feature Chef Solus, a digital character who leads a team of children on adventures related to healthy eating and nutrition. The Chef Games, for example, allow players to guide the digital characters through a maze of unhealthy creatures -- made of sugar and sweets -- to help return a set of scrolls engraved with healthy food information to their community in the land of the Food Pyramid. This game is for one or more players and includes beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Build-A-Meal Fun

Play this game at the Nourish Interactive website in a digital fashion -- or at home with parents and friends. The digital version allows players to explore various food preparation environments -- from restaurants to school cafeterias -- and allows them to build healthy food entrées with the products and menus related to each kitchen. Playing this game at home, with real food, gives kids a hands-on opportunity to learn basic elements of healthy food preparation in their own kitchen. Challenge a child to come up with an appetizer or desert with selected healthy foods and then make the meal to see how it tastes.

Food Pyramid Instruction

Learn the basic building blocks of the food pyramid. Hop online and visit the Daily Council of California website. This site provides an interactive healthy food game where players must match up colours and shapes to form a correct food pyramid. Along the way, players will learn the essential elements of the food pyramid. The shapes are also broken down into daily portion sizes so players can assess how much of what kind of healthy food they should eat everyday.

Healthy Food Card Games

Adults and children can learn fast health food facts and have fun with a deck of cards, all at the same time. A healthy food card deck incorporates 52 cards with nutritious foods. Each card contains a specific food, listing healthy facts about that food -- types of vitamins the food offers and other nutritional titbits -- as well as per serving calorie listings. Use this deck as a set of flash cards for studying up on healthy foods, play a game of solitaire or challenge friends to a game of poker.

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