Kindergarten transportation sorting activities

Written by crystal smith
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Kindergarten transportation sorting activities
Children enjoy sorting toy vehicles while learning about transportation. (car image by red 2000 from

Teach about numbers, as well as different kinds of vehicles, with toys and sorting activities. These can include classroom group activities and games, or learning centres that the children can explore on their own. Vehicles include cars, trains, boats and planes. The kindergarten children can learn about the physical properties of these, as well as where they operate.

Wheel Sorting

Have the children sort vehicles by the number of wheels on each vehicle. Some vehicles, such as boats, have no wheels, and those can be sorted into the "0" category. One way to play a sorting game is to let the children take turns rolling dice. They then have to pick out all the vehicles with the number of wheels each die shows. Set up a sorting centre with large bowls or containers that each have a number on them. Have the children sort the vehicles into the correct containers depending on how many wheels they have.

Land, Sea or Air

Make sure you have a variety of vehicles, including those that can fly or float. Use three large pictures, one of sky, one of ocean and one with a road. The children can take turns placing vehicles onto the right picture. Another way to sort vehicles this way is to have the toys in a black bag. Put up pictures of the different areas around the room, such as the picture of sky on the blackboard. Once a child picks from the bag, he must go stand in the appropriate area.

Sorting Colors

Colours are an easy way to sort vehicles, as they are very recognisable. Sorting with colours can help the children learn to recognise the words for the different colours. Place cards with the colours written on them around the toys. Each child can then take turns placing a toy in the correct spot. For an easier activity, write the letters of the words in the correct colour. Another way to sort by colour is to paint the sides of a die in each variation and then find all the vehicles of the rolled colour. For a game that includes child movement, pass out one vehicle to each child. When you call a certain colour, everyone with a vehicle of that colour must stand up and do a certain action, such as jump up and down three times.

Other Sorting

Children have fantastic imaginations and can often come up with their own ideas. Divide the class into groups and have them come up with as many ways to sort the vehicles as possible. Ideas may include the number of doors, construction vehicles versus transportation vehicles, or how many passengers can ride inside. Write down the different ideas on the board. For a quick math lesson, have them sort the vehicles and tally up each of the categories. For example, if sorting by number of passengers, have the students add the total number of passengers that can ride in their stack of vehicles. Write the totals on the board as well.

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