Guess What I Am Games for Children

Written by laurenkrotosky
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Guess What I Am Games for Children
Adding touch to games can be educational. (Hands touching an exotic fruit image by joephoto from

"Guess What I Am" games are learning games that allow kids to use their imagination to guess what any number of objects may be. These objects are usually hidden in some way and the child touches it, feeling for distinguishing characteristics to determine what the item is. This helps kids remember characteristics of something they're learning about, making for an engaging and educational activity.

Box Game

Placing items in a box with a lid is one easy way to set up a "Guess What I Am" game. Place different items you are trying to make a group of kids familiar with in a cardboard box, and cut a hole in the top big enough for a child's hand to fit in. If you're doing a nature lesson, put in items such as a rock, small tree branch and shrubbery. If you are doing a lesson on the ocean, put in items such as seaweed, a shell and a star fish. Let kids write down their guesses of what the items are on a sheet of paper, then have a big reveal at the end.

Halloween Game

You can give the "Guess What I Am" game a Halloween twist, perfect for a Halloween party or a haunted house. Place items in a box with a hole at the top, and give kids a sheet of paper with names of the items in the box, letting them guess off the sheet what they are touching. Give the items spooky names, like witch's hair for cooked spaghetti or newt's eyeballs for peeled grapes.

Description Game

Take the education element one step further by having kids describe what they're feeling to a group of other children. Let one child feel an item in a box, and then have him use all the descriptive adjectives he can think of to describe the item to the other kids. It will act as an ideal lesson in how to express feelings, and as soon as the other children guess the hidden item, the game can move on to another player.

Listening Game

For a new twist, place a collection of items into a container that you can't see through, such as a coffee can. Place a handful of items like nails, pebbles or rubber bands in the can, and let the kids shake the container. Using listening clues, the kids can make guesses as to what they think is in each container, and whoever guesses the most right answers can win a prize.

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