Ideas for Decorative Balls and Bowls

Updated April 17, 2017

A bowl filled with decorative balls has many uses: it can be a centrepiece for your dining table during a holiday event or other special event in your family. You can use it as a display on an occasional table. You can also wrap a decorative bowl filled with coordinating balls in cellophane, tie with ribbon and give as a gift. Just as there are many ways of customising the bowl and balls, there are many uses for the duo.

Polka Dot Style

Using a round stencil, draw dots on a plain ceramic bowl. Paint them with a colour paint that complements the room in which you will place the bowl and balls. You can also use a variety of colours of paint. Let the bowl dry. While the bowl is drying, repeat the same process on dark-coloured balls. However, use white or lighter paint on the balls. The idea here is that the lighter bowl will have darker polka dots; the darker balls will have the coordinating lighter dots as well. This is a whimsical style and ideal for resting on your bedroom bureau or on an occasional table.

Calligraphy Balls and Bowl

You can make an inspiration piece for your living room (it might even become a conversation piece for parties) by using a calligraphy pen and high quality ink and writing your favourite quotes on the ball and the bowls. You can incorporate a theme, such as quotes from your favourite authors or political leaders or, for a family room, you can script quotes from favourites movies. Purchase a calligraphy pen to use on ceramic or wood (or whatever your bowl is made of) and on your coordinating balls.

Glitter Balls

Purchase some high quality glitter and glue, as well as plain decor balls (ceramic or lighter coloured wood is ideal) and a plain wood or ceramic bowl. Protect your table by placing scrap paper or an old cloth on it before you begin working. Take a tongue compressor and place a small amount of glue on it. Cover the entire ball with a thin coat. Alternatively, you can use a high quality craft glue stick, if available from a store in your area. Shake glitter over the coated ball. Let dry on a dry cloth or scrap paper. Repeat this process with each ball until each is finished, coated in a glittery cover and drying on your scrap fabrics. Place dry balls in your decor bowl.

Photo Collage

Using high quality printing paper, print black and white photos of your family members and even friends. Use a round stencil and cut circular shapes around the face of each individual. Place a photo on each ball using crafting glue (the idea is one ball per family member), let dry and then place in the bowl. Use calligraphy crafting pens or markers and write your family name on the exterior of the bowl. You can also use stencils and write the family name in crafting paint.

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