Adam Ant Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Adam Ant was the lead singer and songwriter for the popular British band Adam and the Ants. He also had a long acting career that catapulted his fame to the United States. If you're going to a costume party or Halloween party and would like to dress up as Adam Ant, there are a few key things that you can do to ensure everyone knows who you are.


One thing that sets Adam Ant apart is his hairstyle. With hair kept slightly messy, Adam Ant would often be seen with braided ribbon attached to his hair. You can do this easily by tying several thin ribbons into a knot around a hair clip. Braid the ribbons together, tying the ends into a small bow. The ribbons do not have to be long -- the ribbons should be about the same length as your hair. You can then attach the ribbons into your hair using the hair clip. Mess up your hair using your fingers and a little bit of gel, then attach five or six braided ribbons to your hair.

White Face Makeup

Another unique characteristic that sets Adam Ant apart is that he would frequently wear white face make-up -- specifically, a line of white make-up that passed under both his eyes and over his nose. To get the look, simply dip the end of a foundation brush into white cream face make-up. Starting on the right side of your face -- around your temple -- draw a thick line across the right side of your face, just under your right eye, over the bridge of your nose, just under your left eye and end the line just before your left temple. The white line should be about 1-inch thick.

Military Outfit

Adam Ant was always seen wearing a very specific kind of military outfit. These outfits looked a bit vintage, like French Revolution or American Revolution military jackets. You can find these vintage replica jackets at costume stores or Halloween shops. He would also frequently wear the military jacket with tighter trousers -- sometimes in a metallic or bright colour -- and tall, over-the-knee boots.


One thing that definitely set Adam apart was his tattoo. The tattoo is located on the upper portion of his left arm. The tattoo is a red heart with a dagger or sword running though it, from the bottom of the heart and out through the top. There is a scroll that wraps around the heart reading "Pure" and "Sex" on either side of the heart. Above the tattoo it says "Adam." You can easily re-create Adam's tattoo by drawing the tattoo onto your skin using a permanent marker (don't worry, it will wash off) or even coloured eyeliner.

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