Salary for a Neuroscience Career

Written by graham brown | 13/05/2017
Salary for a Neuroscience Career
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Neuroscience professionals study the nervous systems, the brain and the spinal cord. A variety of positions and career paths are available within the field of neuroscience to allow medical professionals to use their particular expertise. Average salaries for this plethora of careers vary as greatly as the work the careers entail.

Neurosurgeon Salaries

A career in neurosurgery is one of the most intensive, not to mention highest-paying, in the field of neuroscience. According to a survey, average annual pay for the job ranges from £98,666 to £294,501. This range is calculated from the responses of 432 neurosurgeons in January 2011.

Other Positions

You don't need to go through the extensive education and training of a neurosurgeon to work in the field of neuroscience. PayScale reports median salaries for a number of other positions in the field. Registered nurses with neuroscience skills make £33,125 per year on average. Physician assistants in the field have a median salary of £51,848.

Pharmaceutical Representatives

If you're interested in neuroscience, but also want to showcase business and interpersonal savvy, working as a pharmaceutical sales representative lets you showcase both talents. shows that sales reps specialising in neuroscience make about £48,100 per year on average. This is compared with the salary range of sales reps regardless of speciality, which reports from £48,837 to £68,896.


Another option available to those specialising in neuroscience is to teach postsecondary education. PayScale reports that professors working in postsecondary education and specialising in neuroscience have average salaries around £76,700. Additionally, associate professors make about £42,250 per year.

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