Makeup Tricks to Disguise Wrinkles

Updated April 17, 2017

Just as the right make-up can take years off you, make-up that's too heavy, poorly applied or simply of the wrong kind can exaggerate wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The composition, colour and effect of your cosmetics all play a part in how well they conceal the signs of ageing. A few simple tips can help you avoid common pitfalls and look as young as you can.

Moisturise Your Skin

Choosing the right moisturiser is an essential part of any good make-up regimen. For ageing skin, moisturiser is a must; it helps to plump up the skin, banishing fine lines and helping to reduce the appearance of deeper ones. Avoid moisturisers that contain alcohol, as these actually dry out your skin. Be careful when applying moisturiser around the eye area; although it can work wonders on your crow's feet, you may find it makes your under-eye area look worse rather than better. This is because moisturisers can plump up the tissues under your eyes, exaggerating the bags. Keep richer moisturisers for the area around your lips, and dot a lighter one underneath your eyes.

Use a Primer

Think of a primer as a foundation for your foundation. Primers go on before your other cosmetics, helping to fill in lines and enlarged pores and evening out your skin. A primer contains lots of tiny particles that get trapped in wrinkles so they look less deep. Your usual cosmetics then go on over it. You can find all-over primers, or primers aimed just at one area of the face such as your lips.

Use a Lip Filler

Lips can be a problem area, especially for current and former smokers. Lip fillers plump up lips and smooth wrinkles, helping skin look younger. They can also help keep your lipstick in place.

Choose the Right Foundation

Ditch your power foundation, especially powders with a pearl or shimmer effect. These emphasise wrinkles rather than conceal them. Avoid stick foundations, too; these heavy cosmetics are prone to creasing, which also advertises wrinkles. Instead, pick a cream foundation and apply it lightly with a cosmetic sponge. Mineral foundations can also do a good job of disguising wrinkles. Since thick make-up tends to crease and show up wrinkles, use the lightest possible foundation you can. A tinted moisturiser may be all you need.

Use a Matte Eyeshadow

Matt cosmetics are generally better for ageing skin than pearls, and nowhere is this more evident than around your eyes. Pearl eyeshadows highlight every crease and wrinkle. Choose a matt or creme eyeshadow, and dot concealer under your eyes to even out any dark tones.

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