What qualifications do you need for a career with MAC Cosmetics?

Updated February 21, 2017

MAC Cosmetics is a make-up brand used by professional make-up artists and women and men who prefer quality make-up and tools. MAC sells a wide variety of cosmetics, from lip glosses and eyeliners, to brushes and fragrances, but the company doesn't only hire make-up artists. Marketing experts, managers, salespersons, merchandisers and chemists also work there. MAC offers knowledgeable professionals in all areas of business several types of career opportunities.

Counter makeup artist

MAC's counter make-up artists work in boutiques and shops that carry the MAC brand. In order to become a counter make-up artist, you must have finished your GCSEs (ideally with good grades), be at least 16 years old, familiar with the MAC line of products and professional make-up application, and have customer service skills. Though counter make-up artists often apply make-up to customers, their main tasks are selling cosmetics and offering tailored product recommendations. In order to apply to become a counter make-up artist, enquire with the manager or human resources director at the location you're interested in working at.

MAC pro team

The MAC pro team is composed of senior make-up artists who travel to events around the globe where MAC is a vendor or sponsor. Senior artists also make media appearances. To become a member of the MAC pro team, you must have professional communication skills, in-depth knowledge of the MAC brand, and be able to demonstrate advanced make-up artist skills. You must also know how to work with a variety of skin types and tones, and be able to apply make-up for different settings, such as the stage, print and video. Pro team candidates are required to go to an in-person interview and submit a video reel, resume and portfolio.

Working in the field

Not all MAC employees who work in the field apply make-up, but they do need to be familiar with MAC'S product offerings. Salesmanship is a desirable quality to have, and knowing make-up application techniques isn't necessarily required. A bachelor's degree and a customer service background are advantageous. Those who work in the field for MAC can expect to attend events such as make-up artist conventions and trade shows, where the attendants are professional make-up artists, boutique owners, fashion show promoters and fashion designers.

Corporate office

MAC's corporate offices encompass a wide variety of positions, from product design and development to merchandising and human resources. A university degree related to your position is required for most MAC corporate office jobs. For example, to become a MAC regional visual merchandising manager, a bachelor of arts or bachelor of fine arts is preferred.

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