Where Can I Study Phlebotomy?

Updated February 21, 2017

A phlebotomist is a medical technician who collects blood samples for diagnostic testing. A phlebotomist must complete specific courses of study in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, blood sampling, occupational safety, health regulations and specimen collection. Phlebotomy can be studied at universities, community colleges and through online courses. The American Association of Medical Personnel, American Society of Clinical Pathologists and American Medical Technologists are some of the organisations offering certification for phlebotomists.


Universities offer Bachelor of Science or Associate of Applied Science degrees with a concentration in phlebotomy. A Bachelor's degree requires approximately 120 credit hours for completion. An associate degree takes approximately 60 course credit hours of study to complete. A combination of classroom study and hands-on lab instruction are required. Arts and sciences course are typically required for completion of your degree, along with the core courses specific to phlebotomy. Upon obtaining a degree, students are prepared for employment in phlebotomy and are also eligible to sit for national certification exams.

Community Colleges

Many community colleges offer certificates of completion for courses rather than a degree in phlebotomy. Community college courses are typically less expensive than those at universities and can be completed in a shorter amount of time. The curriculum for phlebotomy training can usually be completed in approximately 16 credit hours of course time. Completion of a certificate program will prepare you for employment as a phlebotomist in medical clinics, hospitals and blood donation centres.

Online Courses

Several organisations offer online courses of study. Anatomy, Exposure to Blood-Borne Pathogens, Collecting Adequate Specimens, Patient Care and Use of Phlebotomy Equipment are some examples of online classes available. Online classes can usually be completed at your own pace, and completion can prepare you for a career in phlebotomy. You may also complete online classes to fulfil your requirement of continuing education credits. Some universities and community colleges offer online classes for completion of their degrees or certification programs.

Trade Schools

Trade schools offer courses in phlebotomy. Trade school curriculum is career-oriented. You can earn a diploma or certificate of completion through a trade school.

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