Difference Between a Logo & Trademark

"Logo" and "trademark" are two terms as both are used interchangeably but they do actually differ slightly from each other. As a general rule, logo can either have a trademark or not, and a trademark can be a logo but can also be many other things besides just a logo.


A business trademark is a unique name, symbol, phrase, motto, or graphic design that is specific to a company name, or its products and services. If any of the above items are registered by the company, that specific drawing, logo, or saying cannot be copied by any other business or person, unless specific authorisation is given by the trademark owner. However, this does not mean competing companies cannot create the same goods or services for sale. Trademarks are used to keep others from using a similar mark, or logo known specifically to a certain company or product. Trademarks are registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Some of the most known trademarks are Yahoo, Google, Kodak, Sony Ericsson which are unique names of companies and can't be copied by others.


Although you are not required to register your special mark, motto, or saying, the United States Patent and Trademark office does recommend a trademark registration because of its many advantages. Registration informs others that there is a claim of ownership to a certain mark and that the owner has the exclusive right to the mark throughout the nation. Such registration also allows the owner to bring legal action against anyone who uses the trademark without authorisation. Once a trademark has been registered you can use the trademark (TM) or Service mark (SM) symbols which will dissuade others from using it.


A logo is a drawing, image, or symbol that identifies and represents a company, but this does not necessarily mean the logo has been registered as a trade mark. A business logo is often used on websites, pamphlets, or any type of advertising material offered by a company,


A logo is a visual element that brands your business or identifies your business. The logo is one of the most important visual element of any advertisement , informational pamphlet, web design, sign or any other document that represents your company. It is often supported by other visual elements like fonts, colours, layouts and images, but it is the symbol or image that identifies your brand. The logo adds visual interest and is a way of communicating which is often more quickly understood than text alone. The logo is a crucial element to marketing to others, especially when people are busy, quickly passing by and only have the opportunity of glimpsing who you are. Almost every business has a logo of some type but not every business deems it important to register the logo as a trademark.

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