How to know if someone has blocked you from seeing friends' posts on Facebook

Written by paul cartmell | 13/05/2017
How to know if someone has blocked you from seeing friends' posts on Facebook
Facebook offers a number of tools for blocking certain aspects of a profile or posts from potential viewers. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Blocking another Facebook viewer from seeing your posts, pictures or complete profile can be done for a number of reasons; partial blocking of posts and portions of the social media site can also be done, other options include blocking a friend from viewing an entire profile. When a person is blocked both friends are stopped from seeing any part of the other persons profile.


In the privacy settings of an individual's Facebook account the option is available for blocking a friend; essentially, this removes the online friendship at both ends and makes the posts, pictures and comments of each friend unavailable for viewing to the other person, Sexy Social Media reports. When a friend is blocked they can no longer access the profile page of the person who blocked them through their own friends list and they will not be able to view posts left on mutual friends wall's.


It is possible to remain friends with a person on Facebook, but not allow them to view posts such as status updates. Switched explains that when posting a status update a small padlock is visible that when clicked on brings up a number of options for making updates private for some potential viewers. By blocking some viewers from seeing status updates the friends remain visible to each other, but the blocked person cannot view status updates that will not be visible.

Tracing a blocked person

When a Facebook friend disappears from the regular notifications seen by a friend, and they are no longer visible in the friends group they used to be found in, a Facebook user may have been blocked, Sexy Social Media reports. Looking back through conversations and usage of apps and games both users regularly use means the former friend will be visible in older conversations and updates; however, if they are still visible in apps and games, but no longer appear as a friend, a Facebook user has been blocked from viewing their posts.

Looking out for signs

One of the major signs of being blocked from viewing a friend's posts on Facebook is the inability to navigate to a friend's page using the link from an old conversation or post. When a person is blocked, Facebook does not allow all of the tags to be removed in a photo which means a person can still look through photo's on the other persons timeline to see if they are blocked and to see if another Facebook user is still active.

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