Household products that you can use to get rid of orange roots

It can be very distressing to find that your hair colourant has failed you and you are left with orange roots, but there are ways to help tame your tresses using products commonly found around the home. It should be noted, however, that the only sure way to eradicate orange tones from poorly bleached hair is by visiting your hairdressing salon.


There are two main causes of orange roots occurring after a dye is applied to hair. The first is when a hair lightener or bleach has been applied to brown hair, with the intention of lifting the colour to blonde, and it is not strong enough to lighten the hair sufficiently. The second is when a naturally blonde or white haired person has applied a brown colourant with red tones to the hair and it has not absorbed sufficiently or been left on long enough. As it is less damaging to hair to darken it from its natural colour than it is to bleach colour out, it is normally sufficient in the second circumstance to apply a further hair colourant or toner that has ash brown tones to cool the red tones and darken the hair. Those unfortunate enough to have orange roots due to the first circumstance should read on.


Be prepared to be in for the long haul with this solution. Take equal amounts of honey and hair conditioner and apply it to your orange roots. Leave it on all day and then wash out before bed. The advantage of this solution is that it causes no further damage to your hair and can actually be soothing to a sore scalp. The disadvantage is that while it will continue to slightly lighten your hair, it could be some time before it has lightened the orange enough for you to feel confident going out.

Toning shampoo

Although toning shampoo is not found around most households, it would make sense to buy and keep a bottle in if you regularly have your hair coloured. L'Oreal produce a product called "L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo" which you can use when washing to tone down yellow and orange shades in the hair. Other companies who produce silver shampoos include Matrix, Pro:voke and Clynol.

Fruity mix

Get a spray bottle and make a mixture using rhubarb and pure lemon juice. Liquidise the rhubarb and use the juice to add to lemon juice and water in the quantity of 1/3 each. Spray the mixture onto your roots and leave for half an hour while you are outside in the sunshine (or longer if there is no sun). It is best to test this mixture beforehand to see how much it lightens your hair, although this might be difficult with orange hair roots, so keep a close eye on it throughout.

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