Cheats to make the Sims always happy

Written by clare meri Google
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Cheats to make the Sims always happy
Your Sims can be always happy. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

It can be hard to make progress in learning skills, gaining promotions and developing relationships in the Sims 3 if your sim is unhappy. Do not despair! This short guide will show you a variety of ways to make your sim feel on top of the world and ready for anything you throw at them.

The hard way

It is entirely possible to make your sim always happy by simply playing the game the way it was intended to be played. You will need to keep your sims needs at a manageable level, and this includes regular mealtimes, plenty of sleep, a shower or bath per day, a few minutes to “spend a penny” and a little time for fun and social interactions. Helping a sim to fulfill “wishes” is also a sure-fire way to keep the mood bar high on green and your sim smiling. Admittedly, keeping up with all these requirements can be challenging and there may be times when you are trying to help your sim achieve something in particular, and wish that the constant demands could stop.

Always happy

Keeping your sim “always happy” without any extra effort from you involves using a simple cheat within the game. This cheat, however, will make everyone in the household “always happy” and so you should try it only if you are okay with it applying to everyone. Go to your sim household in the game. Press “Shift” “Ctrl” and “C” together to bring up the text box at the top of the window. Type in “testingcheatsenabled on.” Then, find the household’s mailbox, which should be near the edge of the plot near the road. Press “Shift” and left click with your mouse on the mailbox. It will bring up a menu and from that menu, you can select the “Make all happy” option. Repeat the instructions to bring up the mailbox menu once again and this time select “Make needs static.” Your sims’ needs will never reduce from maximum and you can concentrate more fully on “wishes” and any other projects you wish to pursue.

Time-saving tip

If you prefer your sims needs to fluctuate, but find that sometimes, there just aren't enough sim hours in a day to satisfy them all, you might prefer to play the game more flexibly. This cheat will allow you to modify the level of individual sim needs as you play and without a lot of effort. In your household, bring up the text box by pressing “Shift” “Ctrl” and “C” simultaneously and then type “testingcheatsenabled on” into the text box. Go to the “Needs” tab of an individual sim and with your left mouse key pressed, slide the green bars of each need side to side to familiarise yourself with altering them. So, the very next time your sim is running late for work, hoping for promotion but desperately needing a bath, you can help by maxing the “Hygiene” need in less time than it would take your sim to walk to the bathroom.


The statement “testingcheatsenabled on” that is to be typed into the text bar at the top of the window used to be “testingcheatsenabled true” in earlier versions of the Sims 3 and in the Sims 2. Day to day happiness for your sims can be assured by using the cheats and methods above. However, if your sim is bereaved or has a nasty relationship breakdown, it could still be unhappy and there is little to be done about that. Care should be taken when using cheats in any game and it is suggested that you save your game before trying any cheat code. A mood modifier applet can be gained in-game by amassing 60,000 lifetime achievement points, so it might be worth checking your points balance first.

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