How do I shop for women's bras & panties as a man?

Shopping for women's bras and panties (or knickers, if you prefer) as a bloke can be a little embarrassing, but there's absolutely no reason why it should be. If you're buying underwear as a gift for a lady friend, be proud to wear your thoughtfulness on your sleeve. A lot of unreconstructed men wouldn't even go near a lingerie store. If you're picking up ladies' underwear for yourself, feel no shame. We live in a progressive, enlightened age where anybody who wants to should be able to buy and wear as many bras and pairs of panties as their heart desires, regardless of their size or gender.

For him

Many men have been struck by the urge to wear women's underwear, be they transvestites, awakening transsexuals or simply playfully curious. If you're looking to procure some girly bras and panties for yourself, the first thing you'll need to do is determine your proportions in women's sizes. Use a tape measure and a chart to work out how your bust, waist and hip measurements translate to women's lingerie sizes. You'll be able to go for a cup size of your choice, presuming you're planning on using padding. Once armed with this information, pop along to an underwear retailer of your choice to buy whatever tickles your fancy. If you're a big lad, check out retailers that cater for fuller figured women such as SimplyBe, JD Williams and Evans.

Sizing things up

If you've decided to buy some underwear for your wife or girlfriend as a surprise, you'll need her vital statistics. Asking her will give the game away, so a little detective work will be called for. A surreptitious root through her lingerie drawer should do the trick, but make sure she doesn't catch you in the act. Take extra care if your partner doesn't live with you. You'll have some explaining to do if her flatmate, or worse still one of her parents, finds you with your paws all over her petticoats. Have a pen and paper to hand and note down the numbers you need.


It's likely you'll have a pretty good idea of the type of bra and panties your better half likes to wear, but if you need a little help, talk to her friends. Ask for some tips on the precise specs of underwear you should be looking for. Tread carefully here though. Only make enquiries with those of her friends you know well. Approaching somebody you've barely met to discuss a third party's panties preferences could be misconstrued as being a little creepy.


Stride into any lingerie boutiques you visit with confidence and pride. There's nothing remotely odd about a fella out buying some bras and panties for his partner, or for himself for that matter. Skulking around in the shadows pretending not be there will make you look like a weirdo. The sales staff in the shops you visit will be more than accustomed to dealing with men. Just avoid comparing the proportions of any female workers you deal with to those of your girlfriend. Hold onto any receipts after you've made a purchase in case your size and preference research is off kilter.

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