Why does my iPad keep asking me for my Wi-Fi password?

The iPad, iPad 2 and iPad mini are tablet computers you can use to access the Internet. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection whether at home, work or a Wi-Fi hotspot such as a cafe or airport. Although your iPad will automatically detect such Wi-Fi connections, you may have to enter a password for security reasons. Sometimes, this request for a password may keep appearing. A number of issues may cause such a problem.

Use the correct password

When your iPad connects to a Wi-FI network it may display a padlock icon. This means you must enter a password. If you're at home, the password is on your router. Elsewhere, you must ask the network administrator for the password. Enter the password into your iPad with care. If the iPad keeps asking for the password, you have entered it incorrectly. Pay attention to upper and lower case letters, and any numerals or signs.

Check the settings of your iPad

You may find that each time you go to use your iPad with the same Wi-Fi connection, the iPad asks you for the password. This may happen even if you entered the password on a previous occasion. Go to the "Settings" feature of your iPad followed by "Wi-Fi." Switch "Ask to Join Networks" to "Off." Enter the password. Your iPad should no longer keep asking for the password when you use this Wi-Fi connection in the future.

Check your router (i)

Your router rather than your iPad may be at fault if you keep receiving a request for a password. Check to see how many signals your router issues. Some routers have signals on two bands with different passwords. If your iPad loses the signal on one of the bands and picks up the other, it may ask you for the password of the second band. Give the two bands different names on your iPad. Enter the passwords for each one and choose the connection you wish to use.

Check your router (ii)

Some routers are not compatible with the operating system of your iPad. The iPad may therefore keep asking for a password when you try to access the Internet, even though you are sure the password is correct. Check that the router supports the 802.11n wireless standard. You may need to look through the user guide of your router or ask a network administrator for the relevant information. If the router does not support the standard, you are unable to use it.

Wi-Fi bug

Apple, the company behind iPads, has acknowledged a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity. A bug may cause your iPad to lose a Wi-Fi connection when it goes into sleep mode. When you use the iPad again, you may be asked to enter a password. Apple has released a fix but only for the iPad mini. Other iPad users may have to accept the problem for the time being.

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