Scarf tying techniques for men

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Scarf tying techniques for men
An example of the Ascot. (The smile image by Gabriela from

Different men may choose different scarves to express their personality -- a silk scarf or a bandana are two examples of scarves expressing status or credibility. Every man, however, needs a good sturdy woollen or Kashmir scarf to keep out the cold during those chilly British winters. You can tie this stock accessory in a variety of ways to keep warm and also make a fashion statement.

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The Ascot

Hang the scarf around your neck with each side hanging down over the chest in equal lengths. Pass one side over the front of the other and bring it up behind into the created loop. Pass the end forward through the loop and pull both sides to tighten the knot towards the neck. Stretch out the sides of the front end to eliminate bunching and arrange the two ends together so that one hangs behind the other.

European Loop

This is also known as a Parisian Knot, or a French Knot, or a Slip Knot. Fold the scarf in half, lengthwise, and then pass one end around the back of the neck. The scarf will be doubled up with one side showing two loose ends and the other side creating a loop. Pass the two loose ends through the loop and pull.

Twice-Around Wrap

Pass the scarf around the back of the neck so that the two sides hang down over your chest, but with one side significantly longer than the other. Pass the longer end over the shorter end and wind it around the neck twice. Rearrange the loop so that both ends hang down over the chest with equal lengths. You can adjust this to fit tightly around the neck (with a shorter scarf) or loop loosely around the neck, Doctor Who-style (with a much longer scarf).

Twice-Around Knot

This method is a cross between the Ascot and the Twice-around Knot. Follow instructions for the Twice-around Wrap. When the long end returns to the chest after winding around the neck pass it under the short side , bringing it up into the created loop and out to the front, as with the Ascot instructions. Vary the effect of this knot, by either tightening or loosening the knot and the loops around the neck.


This technique appears as though you have added a turtleneck to your sweater. Follow the instructions for the Twice-around Wrap, using a short scarf. Tuck both ends of the scarf up into the length wound tightly around the neck. This works better with an un-patterned scarf.


Place the centre of the length of the scarf against your throat and pass each side over each shoulder. Cross the ends behind your neck, bringing the left side over your right shoulder and the right side over the left shoulder. Adjust the tightness of the scarf around the neck to create different effects.

The Fake Knot

Hang the scarf around the neck with each end hanging down over the chest. Tie a loop knot in one end and pass the other end of the scarf through the knot. Vary the height of the knot for different effects.

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