How to Enter Codes Into Gameshark 2 V1.3 for "Final Fantasy 12"

Updated June 09, 2017

The GameShark 2 is a cheat device for the PlayStation 2. Codes can be entered through the GameShark 2 to modify "Final Fantasy XII." The code selection is fairly limited, but potentially quite helpful. These codes allow you to give yourself the maximum amount of gil, the game's unit of currency, and maximise Vaan's abilities when the appropriate code is entered. There are several different versions of the GameShark 2, with version 1.3 being released in 2003.

Turn on the PlayStation 2 console.

Insert the GameShark V1.3 disc.

Press the reset button on the console. The GameShark menu appears after a few seconds.

Choose "Select Game" from the main menu.

Choose "Final Fantasy XII" from the game list. Press "Circle" to open the prompt to add "Final Fantasy XII," if it is not already present in the game list.

Press the "Circle" button to add a new cheat code for "Final Fantasy XII."

Enter a description for the code into the first prompt. Press "Start" when you finish entering a description. What you enter in this prompt has no bearing on how the code functions. The GameShark V1.3 saves codes you enter to the memory card for later use. The description appears on the menu allowing you to easily activate or deactivate a particular code without re-entering it every time you play "Final Fantasy XII."

Press "Right" on the direction pad with the description you entered highlighted.

Press "Circle" to open the code prompt.

Enter a line of the cheat code into the prompt. Press the "Start" button when finished. Codes with multiple lines need to be entered one line at a time.

Repeat Steps 8 to 10 to enter the remaining lines of the code. You can skip this step for codes that are only a single line.


The master code for "Final Fantasy XII" is "983B441E 78228BAE." This code must be entered and active for any other codes to work. The code "D84C8915 0CA59AD5 284E73ED 1CD1A03E" gives you 99999999 gil when you press the "R1" and "Select" buttons. The code "D84C8915 0CA572D5 284E730C 0CA57A65" resets the game clock when you press the "R2" and "Select" buttons. The code "D84C8915 0CA58866 284E0255 0CA52C0E" gives Vaan 9999 license points when "L3" and "Select" are pressed. License points are used to purchase new abilities. The code "D84C8915 0CA5CBD5 284E02A9 1CD1A03E" gives Vaan 99999999 experience points when "L2" and "Select" are pressed. Experience points are used to increase the level of the character. The code "E818247A 0CCE360A 184E5F65 0CA5E485 184E5FB1 0CA5E485" refills Vaan's magic points when "L1" and "Select" are pressed. This can be used during combat. The code "E8183AF5 0CCE360A 184E5F01 0CA52C0E 184E5FAF 0CA52C0E" refills Vaan's hit points when "Up" and "Select" are pressed. This can be used during combat.

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