How to Reverse Suction on Kirby Sentria

Updated March 23, 2017

The Kirby Sentria can be changed into twelve different cleaning machines and is known as a home maintenance machine, according to the Kirby Sentria manual. One of the many functions of a Kirby Sentria is the ability to reverse the suction process and blow air out of the vacuum instead of sucking air in through the vacuum. This allows you to clear patios of leaves, blow dust off windows and blinds, or even clean off computer parts by removing all dirt and dust particles from them.

Remove the vacuum section of the Kirby Sentria by twisting the knob counterclockwise so that the red arrows are lined up, and then twist the lock from left to right so that you can lift the vacuum section up off.

Place the protective grey covering that looks like a "pig's snout" over the fan section of the and turn the lock from right to left to lock the machine.

Press the grey button at the top of the vacuum bag to release the bag from the handle. Push out from the bottom grey section of the vacuum bag to remove the vacuum bag.

Place the vacuum hose over the area where the vacuum bag was attached. Attach the vacuum hose by turning it inward until you hear a click and the hose no longer moves.

Turn the machine on by pressing the "On" button with your foot. The vacuum will now be an air blower and reverse the air suction.

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