How to Assemble a Passap Knitting Machine

Updated April 17, 2017

Passap is a Swiss-made knitting machine that is designed to knit double-knitted and textured fabrics. Knitting machines automate the process of knitting to create products faster. Knitting machines have three basic components including the main bed, the shaping device and the ribbing bed. Passap machines are known for being able to handle a wide variety of yarn types, but the machine itself is already assembled. Buyers only have to attach the stand, the yarn mast and the cup holder. Adjustments to the machine can be made prior to beginning the knitting process.

Lay out the stand pieces. Insert the leg sections into the base with the nubs facing away from the centre of the stand. Grab the legs at both sides below the base to hold the in place as you set the stand in an upright position. Remove the washer and wing nut from the centre support. Slip the end support through the round openings of the centre support bracket.

Set the support piece underneath the centre of the stand. Push the bolt from the centre support bracket through the hole at the centre of the stand. Put the washer on it and partially screw the wingnut. Raise each side of the centre support bracket and place the holes in the nubs of the stand legs. Set the support hole into the leg peg on both sides. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the stand. Tighten the wingnut.

Install the machine support brackets to the base of the stand. Center the nubs marked "DM" on the stand slot. Set the machine on the stand and place the rectangular plate on the backbed into the rectangular holder on the top of the stand. The support arms on the stand will support the front end of the machine.

Adjust the Passap Knitting machine by putting the needles in the neutral position. The distance between the latch retainer and the upper edge of the striking comb must be between 0.5 and 1 millimetre. Adjust the distance by joining or removing space plates. Unscrew two screws to remove the latch closing plate. Unscrew two additional screws to remove the latch retainer. Add or remove space plates as needed.

Fasten the latch retainer to check the distance on the machine. Temporarily fasten the latch closing plate. Place the latch closing plate close to the striking comb. Move the latch closing plate sideways to adjust it.

Place the needle at the right on the front bed to operate the machine. Knit the last row with a higher stitch size before transferring the stitches. Place edge springs to the extreme end of the side plates before transferring. Turn the rack handle a quarter or three-quarter turn to the left, depending on the stitch pattern.


Be careful when you place the Passap machine on the stand for the first time. The machine will fall forward if the support arms are installed incorrectly. This may damage the machine.

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