My Sony Cyber-shot Won't Turn On

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony Cyber-shot line of digital point and click cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries. Power problems, such as your camera not turning on, are often the result of improper battery or battery pack installation, using batteries or a battery pack that is not fully charged or dirty battery pack contacts. Another potential problem is your Sony Cyber-shot battery pack is no longer able to hold a charge and needs replacement.

Open the battery door, which is located on the bottom or side of the camera, and check that your batteries or battery pack are properly installed. Cyber-shot cameras using AA batteries have marks on the inside of the door indicating the direction you should install the batteries. If you're using a battery pack, it should slide easily into the battery compartment without force. The contacts on the battery pack should generally face the back of the camera.

Remove the battery pack from the camera and wipe the contacts with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or smudges that may prevent proper connection to the camera's battery terminals. Reinstall the battery pack when finished.

Charge the battery pack by removing the battery from the compartment, attaching the battery to the supplied charger and plugging the charger into an electrical socket. Remove the battery from the charger when the charging indicator light turns off and install the battery in your Cyber-shot.

Remove the AA batteries from your Cyber-shot and replace them with new or recharged AA batteries. Take care to follow the marks on the inside of the battery door to properly install the batteries.

Purchase a new battery pack from Sony or a reputable camera or electronics shop, charge the battery pack and install it in the camera. Rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time and require replacement.


Visit the Sony Fastrac Service website if you are still unable to turn on your Cyber-shot camera. The Fastrac Service website will provide you with service options for your camera.

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