Denon Mini Disc Dmd-M10 Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

A mini disc is a special type of audio equipment that was created in the early 1990s as a method of playing and recording digital audio. These discs are shaped like a small computer disk and can only be used with the proper equipment. The Denon company produced a line of mini disc players called the DMD-M10 that can play and record using this format. The controls for the player operate much like a standard CD player.

Use "Power" button on the remote or on the front of the DMD to turn it on. Wait for the "No Disc" message to appear on the display screen before proceeding. Remove the mini disc from its case and insert it into the machine with the indicator arrow pointing toward the front of the player.

Watch the screen on the front of the unit for a "Reading" message to indicate that the disc you have inserted is loading. When loading is complete, you see the disc title for a few seconds before being taken to an informational screen. Here you can see the total number of tracks and play time of the disc.

Use the control panel or the remote to control the unit like you would a standard CD player. The "Play" button will start the first track saved on the disc and play will continue on to the next track like a CD if you do not stop it. You can press the "Stop" button to stop playback and resume it once again with the "Play" button.

Select a track to jump to at any time by typing the number with the number pad on the remote control. The "Forward" and "Back" skip buttons will move you one track behind and one track forward with each press respectively. Use the playback knob fastforward and rewind within one track.

Plug another audio device such as a CD player or a cassette tape player into the "Input" jack at the rear of the DMD. Insert a blank mini disc into the unit then press the "Play" button on the external device to begin listening. Pressing the "Record" button on the mini disc player will create a new track and begin recording what you are listening to. Press "Stop" to finish the track.

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