How to convert text to polyline autocad

Updated February 21, 2017

AutoCAD is computer-aided drafting software by Autodesk that allows the designer to draft with the click of a mouse. Often, it is necessary to annotate a drawing with text in AutoCAD to make something more clear when presented. When text is entered in AutoCAD, it is movable as its own entity. Text can be converted to polyline, which is essentially the series of lines that makes up the outline of the text, with a simple command. After the text is a set of polylines, the designer can move each letter or even parts of each letter of the text.

Open your AutoCAD program in your Program Files or by clicking a shortcut icon on your desktop.

Click "Multiline Text" on the home screen under the "Annotation" tab.

Click once to specify one corner of your text box. Click again to specify the corner diagonally opposite to this. Re-size your text box as needed by re-clicking any corner of the text box and dragging it to the desired position after the initial box is created.

Type the desired text into the text box you have just created. Edit the text under the "Styles" or "Formatting" tabs that appear upon creating the text box. These tabs allow for bold, italic or underlined text, and also allow you to change the font.

Select the text you have just created by clicking on it.

Type the command "TXTEXP" and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. To enter any command into AutoCAD simply begin typing as this will automatically enter your text into the command bar.

Notice that your text is now a set of individual lines that are ready for editing. Manipulate these lines just as you would any other drawn line in AutoCAD.

Things You'll Need

  • AutoCAD software
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