How to Fold a Wedding Handkerchief

Updated February 21, 2017

Wedding handkerchiefs, or pocket squares, can be given to the parents of the bride and groom to help them dry their eyes, as well as help dress up the groom and groomsmen. Even men who don't typically wear suits can look dapper in a fitted tuxedo or suit with all the accessories, including a handkerchief.

Lay the handkerchief flat with one point on top and another pointing down in a diamond shape.

Fold the bottom point up over the top point to create a triangle.

Grab the left bottom corner and fold it over to the right, then fold the right corner over to the left, leaving a long rectangular shape with a pointed top.

Roll the bottom of the handkerchief up, leaving the point on top, until it's short enough to properly fit into your jacket pocket.

Slide the folded handkerchief into your jacket pocket and make any necessary adjustments.

Hold the handkerchief with one hand in the centre, almost pinching the fabric, allowing the rest of the fabric to hang down naturally.

Slide your other hand down over the loose fabric and gather the fabric together, folding it up on the bottom.

Insert the handkerchief in your breast pocket with the closed puffy side of the handkerchief sticking out. Adjust the puff to your liking.

Lay the handkerchief flat in front of you.

Create a rectangular shape by folding the left edge over on top of the right edge.

Fold the bottom of the handkerchief up, until it will fit in your pocket. Don't fold the bottom all the way up to the top, as that is the part that will stick up out of your pocket.

Slide the handkerchief into your pocket.


Fold the handkerchief, so that any special embroidery or message is tucked safely inside the pocket, allowing the wearer to privately relish in the importance or specialness of the handkerchief. For example, a love poem from the bride to the groom, or a personalised note from the bride to her father would be a private treasure that can also look great. There are several more difficult ways to fold your wedding handkerchief, such as a mutli-point fold.

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