How Do I Apply if I Want to Join Facebook?

Updated August 16, 2017

Facebook is a free social networking site where users can interact with both online and real-life friends. Although Facebook has been around for a number of years, many people have not yet joined the service. If you have decided to join the millions of other members, you'll find that applying to join Facebook merely requires filling out the correct form.

Go to

Type in your first name and last name in the "Name" fields under "Sign Up."

Type in your e-mail address in the two "Email" fields.

Type in a password for your new Facebook account. This password should include a mixture of letters and numbers. The ideal password is one you can remember but that cannot be guessed by others.

Select your gender next to "I am:" and select your date of birth next to "Birthday."

Click "Sign Up" to apply for your Facebook account. Wait for the "Security Check" box to appear on the right side of the screen and enter in the text that is in the box. Click "Sign Up" to verify that you want to join.

Check your e-mail for a message from Facebook. Click the appropriate link within the email to complete the process of applying.

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