How Do I Get My Samsung SGH to Connect to My Computer?

Updated July 20, 2017

Samsung offers a few smartphones that begin with the SGH model number. They all come with USB cords for connecting to a laptop or computer, but there are also wireless options available. The USB cords are best to quickly transfer files back and forth from the phone to the computer, while the wireless options offer convenience and additional features.

Use the USB cable that was supplied with the SGH phone. Turn the computer on, but the smallest end of the cable into the phone, and the other in into an available USB slot. Drag down the notification bar from the top of your phone's screen and press, "Connect to USB Storage." If it doesn't connect the first time, remove the cord, and try again.

Turn Bluetooth on by pressing "Menu," then "Wireless and Network," and then "Bluetooth Settings." Press the Bluetooth section to place a checkmark that enables Bluetooth. You will know it is active from the new icon displaying in the Status area. Check your PC's documentation to see if it has Bluetooth, and to learn how to transfer files to your phone.

Enable "Allshare" to connect your Samsung SGH to your computer through Wi-Fi. AllShare is found on your home screen, and it can be used to stream audio, video and pictures to a computer or TV. Press the "AllShare" icon, then choose the option to stream from the phone to another device. Follow the prompts to activate the feature, and turn on Wi-Fi, if needed. Both the phone and computer must be on the same wireless network to use Allshare.

Activate tethering to share your Samsung's data connection with the computer. This allows you to browse the Internet using your mobile connection when Wi-Fi is not available. Your phone becomes a mobile hot spot, and it can support up to five devices at once, using the Mobile AP feature. From the Home screen, press "Menu," then "Settings," then "Wireless and Network," and then "Mobile AP." Press a check by Mobile AP, then tap "Yes" when prompted. On your computer, you'll see a new network detected when you click the network icon in the bottom right corner. Select the network, and then click "Connect."


Connect a USB cord to use the tether instead of using Mobile AP. While in the "Wireless and Networks" menu, press "Tethering," then "USB Tethering." This option shares the data connection with only one device, but it is useful if your computer cannot connect wirelessly.


Even if you already have Mobile AP or USB tethering on your phone, you'll need to activate the service through your cellular provider. If you don't, you'll eventually get a popup that disables tethering until you call them and subscribe.

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