How to Pin a Plaid Brooch

Written by dawn gibbs | 13/05/2017
How to Pin a Plaid Brooch
Keep a plaid in place with a well-pinned brooch. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A plaid brooch is a metal accessory used in Irish or Scottish traditional dress. The brooch holds a fly plaid, piper plaid or Irish brath in place over the shoulder. The brooch can also be used in women's dress to hold a rosette in place on a tartan sash. Pinning a brooch involves correctly placing the brooch so the sash, or plaid, does not slip or come undone.

Arrange the plaid according to its type and the occasion. Fly plaids drape over the back with one corner hanging over the left shoulder. Piper's plaids wrap under the right arm, drape over the left shoulder, and are pinned on the left shoulder. A lady's tartan sash goes across the chest and has a small folded rosette on the end.

Push the pin of the brooch through the plaid, or sash, and through the fabric underneath, which will be a jacket for a fly plaid or another part of the plaid or sash for a piper's plaid or lady's sash. Make sure the front of the brooch is oriented correctly, if it shows a particular scene or animal.

Push the pin back up through the plaid. Push the pin into the housing on the back of the brooch and close the clasp to hold the brooch in place.

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