How to Make ASDF Movies

Updated April 17, 2017

Animation has come a long way since cartoons first appeared on television. Today, thanks to the use of computers, anyone can have access to the appropriate tools to create their very own animated movie. ASDF movies are a collection of comic drawings that were made into videos. The drawings were migrated to the computer system by duplicating them using special software called Pivot Stick Figure Animation. The software allows the figures to move, and therefore, create a movie or video.

Draw the first character of your storyline using Pivot Stick Figure Animation software by clicking "File," then "New." The default figure is a stickman. Change the colour by clicking "Colour" on the left side of the window. Change the form, if desired, by clicking "Edit" on the same menu.

Change the size of the figure by clicking "Options" in the tool bar. Specify the width and height desired. You may do these with all additional characters.

Click "Next Frame" on the bottom left-hand corner of the window. The frame will pop up in the top section of the window. Move your figure by clicking on the red dots. This will determine the movement that the character will have.

Click "Add Figure" to add a second character to the same frame. This can be done multiple times until you reach the number of characters desired in your story. Click on the orange dot in the centre of the character to edit the colour and form individually. Add a background by clicking "File" and "Load Background."

Click "Next Frame" every time you are ready to move to the next shot. Edit colours, shapes and backgrounds in every frame before moving to the next.

Play all of your frames by clicking the "Play" button located on the left side of the window. Check the box that says "Repeat" if you want the movement to loop and repeat itself.

Save your creation by clicking "File," then "Save Animation." Save the file as a .GIF document if you're ready to move forward with your movie. If you need to come back and make changes, save it as a .PIV file.

Open Movie Maker by clicking "Start," then "Movie Maker." Click "Add videos and photos." Locate your files in the folder where you saved them when you finished your Pivot animation and add them to the project.

Add music or voice-overs by clicking "Add Music" in the toolbar. Add captions, if desired, by clicking "Caption" in the toolbar as well.

Save the finished movie by entering "CTRL + S," or click the disk button for "Save" on the upper left hand corner.

Things You'll Need

  • Storyline
  • Pivot Stick Figure Animation Software
  • Movie Maker software
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