How to Become Good at Pazaak on "Knights of the Old Republic"

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How to Become Good at Pazaak on "Knights of the Old Republic"
Pazaak is an iconic gambling game from the "Star Wars" universe. (James Woodson/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Pazaak is a game, inspired by Blackjack, that you can play in "Knights of the Old Republic." The game uses a main deck that contains 40 total cards, numbered one through 10 and including four of each. You prepare your own side deck that contains your choice of 10 cards. The goal is get a total as close to 20 as you can, without going over. Your side deck can reduce or increase your total. In Pazaak, you play against one other person until one of you has won three matches.

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    Purchase your initial starter Pazaak deck from Garouk at the Taris Cantina for 50 credits. Gather some cards as loot from enemies you defeat. Speak to various merchants throughout the game and purchase new cards for your personal deck. Purchase duplicates of your most important Pazaak cards, giving you a stronger personal side deck. Stay in each new zone until you speak to every merchant available, and purchase the cards that you want. Play through the game content to acquire the cards from your storyline, such as the "Double Card" from Mebla Dule and "The Tiebreaker" from the Champ.

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    Stock your side deck with a mix of plus cards, cards that increase your hand total, and minus cards, cards that decrease your hand total, early in your Pazaak career. Use "+/-" cards, cards that allow you to add or subtract a number from your total, once they become available to you in the game. For instance, you could play a "+/- 5" card on a hand of "15" to give you a "20" or you could play the same card on a hand of "25" to bring you down to 20 and avoid busting.

  3. 3

    Conserve your side deck as you play. Remember that your goal is to win three hands before your opponent wins three. Avoid using your entire side deck on early hands. Play your side deck cards on early hands only if you can use one to reach a "20" or if you need one to avoid busting.

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    Play regularly everywhere you go. Each new zone offers new Pazaak opportunities with new challenging opponents. Practice your playing skills regularly. Develop a feeling for the strategy of the game, such as when to use your side deck and when to let an opponent have a round.

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