How to Remove Adobe InDesign Trial Expiration

Updated April 17, 2017

Adobe Systems offers users a free 30-day trial installation of its InDesign CS5.5 page layout application. During the trial period, the software provides all the functionality of a fully licensed copy, including the ability to create, save, open, revise, print and export documents and the option to download and apply application updates. When the trial period ends, the software remains on your system, but will not launch unless you enter a valid serial number.

Purchase a full-retail, or upgrade copy of Adobe InDesign CS5.5. Which product installer you must purchase, and the price you pay for it depends on whether you qualify for an upgrade, and which version of Adobe InDesign you currently own. Call Adobe Systems or log on to your Adobe online support account to check your upgrade eligibility.

Install a full version of Adobe InDesign if you don't qualify for an upgrade. Enter the serial numbers from your previous and new product versions when the installer prompts you to do so. If you do qualify for an upgrade, you can launch the trial version that's already installed on your system and enter the serial number you received with your upgrade purchase.

Wait while your software activates itself via online connection to Adobe Systems. If you do not have an active Internet connection on the computer on which you use Adobe InDesign, contact Adobe Systems to complete the activation process.


If your installation of a qualifying previous version of Adobe InDesign resides on the same system as your new full or upgrade installation, you don't need to enter your previous-version serial number manually. The product installer will locate your previous version and obtain the serial number directly. Adobe Systems places serial numbers on the DVD case for products purchased on physical media, and online or in an e-mail message for purchases you download from the Adobe website. If you purchased the previous version of Adobe InDesign in the last 30 days, you should be eligible for a complimentary post-announce upgrade. Contact Adobe Systems to determine whether you qualify.


Don't try to extend a trial software usage period by setting back your system clock to an earlier date and time. Far from extending your trial, this choice will end it prematurely. Uninstalling and reinstalling the trial software won't enable you to gain another 30 days' free use.

Things You'll Need

  • Full or upgrade copy of Adobe InDesign CS5.5
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