How to Get the Om Symbol on Facebook

Updated April 17, 2017

Use an "Om" symbol in your Facebook posts to indicate the sacred sound of a cosmic chant or reference creation's vibration. The Sanskrit letterform resembles a decorative number 3. Also known as the "Aum" sign, the graphic may be used in references to Hindu art, philosophy and theology as it is the primary symbol of Hinduism. Paste an existing Om symbol into a post when other methods prove to be inconsistent or unreliable.

Go to a web page that contains the Om symbol, such as Penn State University's Devanagari Unicode Entities web page, where you can find the sign within the "Devanagari Symbols And Numbers" section of that page. Then scale the browser window down and move it to the left of the computer screen. Make sure the Om sign is in clear view and leave space for a new browser window.

Open a new browser window. Sign in to Facebook and create a new post. Move this new window to the right side of your computer window so that the Web page that contains the Om symbol and your profile page are both in view.

Select the Om symbol by clicking and dragging over it.

Right-click and select "Copy" to place the Om sign onto your computer's clipboard.

Activate the Facebook page and click inside the Facebook post where you want the symbol to appear.

Right-click inside the Facebook post and select "Paste."

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