How to Test the High Fan Speed in a Dell Vostro 200

Updated April 17, 2017

The Dell Vostro 200 has a central processing unit (CPU) fan that keeps the processor cool. If the fan isn't reaching a high speed when the processor is working at full capacity, the CPU can overheat, causing the Vostro 200 to shut down without warning. If the computer fan sounds quiet or doesn't seem to kick on when the PC is running memory-intensive programs, run Dell Diagnostics to check the high fan speed on the system fan.

Turn on the Dell Vostro 200 and press "F12" when you see the boot screen. Select "Boot to Utility Partition" and press "Enter" to go to Dell Diagnostics.

Click "Custom Test" from the "Main Menu" window. Expand the "Other" category.

Click "ESM System Fan Test." Click the "Run Test" button to run a high speed fan test on the Dell Vostro.

Check the results when the test is complete. If the test detected a problem with the CPU fan, follow the onscreen directions to resolve it.

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